Beasts of Nigeria – by Onwah Uzuazo


Beasts of Nigeria

Beasts of Mainland, Beasts of Island,
Beasts of creeks and Northern sands,
Let us mourn th’impending parting
Of the land on which we stand.


Mull the murmurs of the masses,
Bending backs in futile toil;
While the cabals clink their glasses,
Feeding fat from fertile soil.


Rabble rousers raising rancor,
Cease thy cleaving bitter talk;
Tho’ our feet bear different markings
‘Tis the same path that we walk.


Brother, beat no drums of battle,
Sing no awful songs of war,
May our children tell their children
Tales of joy, not mournful lore.


Then on that day when our land quakes,
We’ll be standing hand in hand;
For we’ll reach across our fault lines
And defend this motherland.


Men of Mainland, Girls of Island
Boys of Creeks, and Eastern sons,
Let us sing for night is passing
Hope is rising with the sun!