Beasts of Nigeria – by Rabiat


Beasts of Nigeria

Beasts from up north, beasts from down south,
Beasts of every breed and type
Listen to my joyful announcement
Of a slaughter free time.


Time dey soon come,
Greedy Oga will be chased away
And the plenty lands of Naija
Go become animal’s own


Ropes go disappear from our bodies
Our young stolen no more
Cutlass and knives will rust abandoned
And koboko won’t swing again.


Grains and grass will be surplus
And the streams will be dry no more
With the forest green as ever
We will roam free and fly


Rams of sallah, chickens of Christmas
Cows and Goats of every type
Though we might die in this journey
Tell others to hope and wait for it will come in time.