Lawrence Lloyd-Benson

Lawrence Lloyd-Benson
Lawrence Lloyd-Benson

Lawrence Lloyd-Benson is a gifted and charismatic opera singer.


His engagement in the beautiful art of operatic singing took its early rise under the distinguished tutelage and guidance of the late Prof. Adam Fiberesima (Composer and Maestro of blessed memory) of the Garden City Operatic Society, in the Garden City of Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria, from where he hails.


As a stage performing artist with over two decades of experience in the art of classical music performance, accommodating an extensive repertoire of a good number and variety of songs in English, Italian, Spanish and African indigenous languages, he has always fascinated his audience with his sonorous voice that is beautifully wielded to high tenor pitches by which he reaches out to soothe and excite the souls of his listeners.


Lawrence is also a composer in his own right. Some of his compositions are often included in his performance repertoire.


Presently, he is a member and one of the Master of Songs of the Abuja International Choir. Further to this, his performing appearances is currently being managed by Mr. Onofiok Ibok, who is the impresario, founder and Master of Songs of the Schubert Choral Society, Abuja, of which Lloyd is also a member and one of the performing lead artists. He has had many occasions to perform both within and outside the country, at festivals and private events.


Lawrence is a professional lawyer but he is nonetheless highly inspired by the resplendent and eternal beauty resident in the creative arts.


He is a lover of charity and benevolence, twin virtues which he often practice with a high premium in favour and pursuit of the goal of happiness and as contributions in attaining a just, good and equitable progressive society.


Principally, his philosophical interpretations of the humanities or the creative arts, alludes to these as forces and instrument for positive change on anyone and by extension any society of men, not just a unitary traffic for sport or entertainment.